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What is Cathodic Protection?

Underground environments are harsh to metals and can cause corrosion in things like pipelines or tanks resulting in failures. Cathodic protection is a way to prevent corrosion on metal structures by applying current to both the structure you are protecting and to a ground bed. A ground bed is a set of tubes or rods that are designed to absorb the corrosion that would normally by applied to the protected structure.

What does Iba Drilling do regarding Cathodic Protection?

We install the ground beds used for protecting buried metal structures. If metal is underground, it needs to be protected. This is especially true when dealing with pressurized pipelines carrying flammable liquids or gases. Deep well ground beds are an essential, cost effective way to protect them. Iba Drilling's equipment is able to install these ground beds almost anywhere, including tight alleyways. We have worked with several utility companies, oil companies, and for the U.S. government over the years protecting vital underground structures and miles of pipeline.

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